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Starting orthodontic treatment

Your orthodontic treatment journeyYour orthodontic treatment journey

It is said that every journey begins with a single step, and beginning your orthodontic treatment journey is no different. Here are the different steps you can expect along the way in your quest for a brand new smile.

Step 1: 

Our orthodontic treatment journey will begin with a free consultation at your local TIO orthodontic practice.  You can do this without a referral.  The practice will ask you for some information on your dental and medical history.  If you've had an orthodontic consultation somewhere else, be sure to bring this quote with you so you can compare 'apples with apples'.

Step 2:

During your consultation, we may take photos and a video of your teeth. This allows us to show you your teeth in 3D, and for you to point out what you would like to change about your smile.

Step 3:

During your consultation you'll get a price for treatment along with the timeframe for treatment with your preferred appliance. You'll also be walked through various interest-free payment plans. And if you are happy with everything you hear on the day, often we can get you started straight away, without having you come back for another appointment!